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so, i know i've been all making a lot of...depressing entires. so i'll make an "update" kind of one.

i went shopping a lot. got new school clothes. got new school make up, a small black dickies back pack. got a job, as you know. lost that job, as you know. got new shoes (sandals, moccosans). saw sisterhood of the travling pants 2. got into the secret life of the american teenager (horribal acting is hilarious, but addicting story line), greek (good show), and that 70's show (AMAZING show). starting not to care what people think of me. became more bitchy. became more mature.

i love myself sometimes. kind of excited for school to start. new people, new teachers, new attitude overall. i love my six friends. i love being busy. i just wish i still had the job! grr. oh well, there's plenty of other paper towels in the supermarket. just have to find the right one.

i think i'm going to make a new lj account for the new school year. goodbye.
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