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elevator, elevator

take me home

9/2/08 09:35 pm

my cousin has the best straightener ever and now i have it. :]

helped luis' dad move in today. school's tomorrow kinda excited. making a new lj tomorrow morning because i wake up like a farmer.


9/1/08 10:48 pm

so, i know i've been all making a lot of...depressing entires. so i'll make an "update" kind of one.

i went shopping a lot. got new school clothes. got new school make up, a small black dickies back pack. got a job, as you know. lost that job, as you know. got new shoes (sandals, moccosans). saw sisterhood of the travling pants 2. got into the secret life of the american teenager (horribal acting is hilarious, but addicting story line), greek (good show), and that 70's show (AMAZING show). starting not to care what people think of me. became more bitchy. became more mature.

i love myself sometimes. kind of excited for school to start. new people, new teachers, new attitude overall. i love my six friends. i love being busy. i just wish i still had the job! grr. oh well, there's plenty of other paper towels in the supermarket. just have to find the right one.

i think i'm going to make a new lj account for the new school year. goodbye.

8/30/08 10:53 pm

i'm sorry i didn't go to your show. i'm too devastated to even look at you let alone watch you play, whatever you play thinking of your girlfriend who treats you like shit and who actually said she wouldn't care if you guys broke up or not. hope you did well though, talk to you never.

on another note, school starts soon. half reluctant, half excited. more reluctant.

much luv*~

8/28/08 09:17 pm

FFABULEUX (8:34:13 PM): Lisa- Oriental Palaceeeee
FFABULEUX (8:34:21 PM): Emily- Hi Lisa, It's Emily
FFABULEUX (8:35:28 PM): Emily- Hi I wasn't sure if you forgot to call me yesterdayyyy or I was supposed to call you, and I just wanted to know if we were on for the weekend or... (being really friendly the whole time and keepin the convo going the whole time)
FFABULEUX (8:35:44 PM): Lisa: Ohhh okay well, you're math is bad
FFABULEUX (8:36:32 PM): Emily- (Quickly but not defensivly) Yes, I know I messed up a little bit but it was my SECOND day alone and it was extremely busy and nervous. I also haven't done ANYTHING like this before.
FFABULEUX (8:36:52 PM): Lisa- Well, you know...what do you think?
FFABULEUX (8:37:25 PM): Emily- (STILL FRIENDLY) Well, Im up for trying it again this weekend with Ashleigh, or it's perfectly okay if not I completely understand
FFABULEUX (8:37:54 PM): Lisa- Well, I'll think about it and call you back, okay emily buhbye

lol i need another roll of paper towels

8/27/08 12:05 am

I'm an asshole & I just broke my damn phone charger.

I can't wait for high school to come to an end. Seriously.

8/24/08 11:32 am

French 3

Junior year.

8/22/08 10:37 pm

working all weekend. love this job. i need clothes i need make up eoairshdkjgf

8/20/08 08:46 pm

So today was pretty swell. Went over to luis' and did not write ken is gay, he did. Filmed the barbie scenes. Watched CI. Omg yesterday had work again with Ash! I really love that job. Getting the hang of it. Except I gave a guy 20 cents instead of 40! Yeah not that big of a deal but still.. So today I praticed counting up and making change so I dont screw up. Tomorrow working alone ahhh! Hopebi do well! Boss seems to like me and I love working with ash. Kinda nervous though!

Sarah gets back from hickland soon!! We miss you dearly!


8/19/08 01:41 pm

So yesterday I went over to Luis' and we shot the 7 things I love about food with the green
screen in the afternoon. You will all enjoy it!

At 5:30 I went to work with ashleigh! It was so fun no lie hahaha. Plus a cute guy came in hahaha. Working same time tonight and friday she may start paying!!

Much love.
Miley redhead Cyrus

8/17/08 11:38 pm

Today was lovely. NYC! Haha going back soon love Chinatown and what not. New LesVeg video!!! Check it out! :)

Sarah really needs to come back from hickland also!

Working with ash tom. Tuesday and wednsday wish me luck!

Much love,
red head with glasses
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