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8/11/08 11:12 pm

nothing exciting happened today. gym with luis, pool, the closer. nyc tomorrow with keri, and again saturday to the marc jacobs store.

oh, time warp will be filmed wednsday so all of you so anxiously anticipating the new "leg veg" film will have to relax.

law & order: speical veg. unit will be filmed sometime afterwards.

7 things will be filmed sometime in august.

questions/comments/concerns? i didn't think so.

8/9/08 05:20 pm

thanks everyone! <3

ashleigh, anthony green is amazing!

alisha, frankie told me you saw this through a search so if you get this, the books are amazing! :)

criminal intent and will & grace, LOVE YOU GUYS! (sarah & will truman himself)


8/6/08 10:56 pm

i love how people treat me like shit. -cough LUIS cough- >.>

BUT, on an extremely positive note, i went to oriental palace today and ashleigh's boss liked me and she's going to have me come in and work with ashleigh in a couple weeks! i'm so excited!! i really need a job badly, and this one's perfect. six dollars an hour is enough, i'll just have to work often enough to afford clothes, make up, and a new flat iron. haha. aw yay me and ash get to work together xD

8/5/08 01:36 pm

god american idol was amazing and david looked adorable as always. cheesy sucked but he has a great voice, ramielle was okay, carly was amazing, brooke was great except for that strange happy song, jason was adorable, sieysha sang my fave. alice keys song, archuleta was the most amazing thing to ever walk the earth, and cook i hated.


8/3/08 03:20 pm - Writer's Block: Reality TV Your Way

If you could make your own reality show, what would it be about and who would be on it?
first off, i wouldn't have a reality tv show because i hate reality tv. i'd have a talk show with luis. and we'd talk about everything and have random people like fantasia borrino and mariska hargity and the guy who invented starbucks on our show and real life baby mama drama stories and we'd eat food that ashleigh cooked on the show. then at the end of the show each night, sarah gives someone a kitty mcodd make over. i think it'd be fun.

8/2/08 09:29 pm

uhm, sometime after taylor's party i'm going to nyc and getting this hair cut-


7/31/08 10:07 pm

7/29/08 08:55 pm

uhm, so i beat luis at scrabble twice and sorry once. i'm so good at board games!

tausif's back from bangladesh!!!!! i only sent him about 20 emails >.>

add me on facebook if you haven't. i made one finally.

7/28/08 10:25 pm

for sarah

7/27/08 12:24 pm

my cousin's fiance alisha works for crown publishing. she can get me a bunch of free books.

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