mmagazines (mmagazines) wrote,

FFABULEUX (8:34:13 PM): Lisa- Oriental Palaceeeee
FFABULEUX (8:34:21 PM): Emily- Hi Lisa, It's Emily
FFABULEUX (8:35:28 PM): Emily- Hi I wasn't sure if you forgot to call me yesterdayyyy or I was supposed to call you, and I just wanted to know if we were on for the weekend or... (being really friendly the whole time and keepin the convo going the whole time)
FFABULEUX (8:35:44 PM): Lisa: Ohhh okay well, you're math is bad
FFABULEUX (8:36:32 PM): Emily- (Quickly but not defensivly) Yes, I know I messed up a little bit but it was my SECOND day alone and it was extremely busy and nervous. I also haven't done ANYTHING like this before.
FFABULEUX (8:36:52 PM): Lisa- Well, you know...what do you think?
FFABULEUX (8:37:25 PM): Emily- (STILL FRIENDLY) Well, Im up for trying it again this weekend with Ashleigh, or it's perfectly okay if not I completely understand
FFABULEUX (8:37:54 PM): Lisa- Well, I'll think about it and call you back, okay emily buhbye

lol i need another roll of paper towels
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